urbanism model Dejvice (CZE)
in S 1:300 for Operátor ICT, a.s.

urbanism study Modřany (CZE)
in S 1:1000 for SKANSKA a.s.

urbanism study Smíchov City (Prague, CZE)
in S 1:1000 for Institute of planning capital city Prague

navigation canal Děčín in S 1:400 (CZE)
in S 1:400 for Agentura KPR s.r.o

plastic map - Moravian-Silesian region (CZE)
in S 1:87000 for Moravian-Silesian region

dissertation (CZE)
in S 1:2000

master plan Avia Letňany (CZE)
in S 1:1000 for Odien Real Estate a.s.

shopping centre Laugaricio (CZE)
in S 1:1000 for Trenčín Retail Park, a.s.

residential complex Kopanský mlýn (CZE)
in S 1:500 for RH-ARCH

urbanism study Michelské pekárny (CZE)
in M 1:1250 pro SKANSKA a.s.

residential complex AURA STATENICE (CZE)
in S 1:1000 for MANGHI CZECH REPUBLIC s.r.o.

shopping centre Breda Weinstein Opava (CZE)
in S 1:500 for BREDA & WEINSTEIN a.s.

stadium Žilina (SK)
in S 1:1000 for DEVELON

urbanism study of Rohanský island (CZE)
in S 1:1000 for SEKYRA GROUP

national culture monument Vyšehrad (CZE)
in S 1:650 for national culture monument Vyšehrad